Due to the novel Coronavirus/COVID-19, we are only seeing emergencies until further notice. If you have an urgent dental concern or dental emergency please do the following:

1) If you are patient of Dr. Brian or Myles Hastings, please call (217) 234-7423.

2) If you are a patient of Dr. William or Chris Havlik, please call (217) 234-3337.
Hastings & Havlik Family Dentistry
Hastings & Havlik Family Dentistry
The Hastings family at the dental office The whole staff theme at a Christmas party Dr. Chris Havlik and Dr. Bill Havlik A child in a dentistry-themed parade float Dr. Myles Hastings and Dr. Bill Havlik installing a sign Dr. Chris Havlik and Dr. Myles Hastings using toothbrushes as lightsabers A child and a dental hygienist smiling after tooth cleaning A group around a dentistry-themed parade float A Halloween presentation at the dentist's office Dr. Myles Hastings giving a training

Nitrous Oxide ("Laughing Gas")

We understand anxiety about dental care is no laughing matter, so we’re happy to provide nitrous oxide sedation commonly called “laughing gas.”

Nitrous Oxide helps you relax or stay calm and comfortable as your dental care is completed and wears off almost instantly – which means you will not need a driver following the procedure. It’s a great option for patients of all ages.