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Clear Orthodontics

There’s a reason everyone is talking about Clear Orthodontics. Getting a straighter smile is easy!

An attractive alternative to traditional metal braces, the clear orthodontics is a series of clear, custom-fit removable mouth trays that apply a controlled amount of force to your teeth to gradually straighten them. The system provides the same beautiful results as traditional braces, but they are virtually invisible. Plus, the trays can be taken out for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing.

The process begins in the dentist’s office with taking molds to design a patient’s trays. Patients switch trays every two weeks, graduating to a new set each time and getting closer and closer to the end goal: your dream smile.

The cost of clear orthodontics varies according to the complexity of the case. Insurance policies generally cover Invisalign to the same extent that they cover traditional braces. Call our office with any questions and to set up your Clear Orthodontics consultation today!

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