Hastings & Havlik Family Dentistry
Hastings & Havlik Family Dentistry
Dr. Chris Havlik and Dr. Myles Hastings using toothbrushes as lightsabers Dr. Myles Hastings and Dr. Bill Havlik installing a sign A Halloween presentation at the dentist's office A child and a dental hygienist smiling after tooth cleaning A child in a dentistry-themed parade float The Hastings family at the dental office A group around a dentistry-themed parade float Dr. Chris Havlik and Dr. Bill Havlik Dr. Myles Hastings giving a training The whole staff theme at a Christmas party

Emergency Care

emergency.jpgWe will always make the effort to see you as soon as possible for your urgent or emergency dental needs (same-day whenever possible). For a severe toothache you will often need a root canal or extraction which we can do here in office or coordinate with dental specialists.

We also understand that there can be cosmetic emergencies. Your kid chipped a tooth day of prom? We have options for you. Lost a front tooth before your sister’s wedding? You may be a candidate for an immediate dental implant. We’re here to help.